How To Make How To Posts WP13 In this post I will show you 4 steps on how to make how to posts! The first step to do is to get a trendy topic. Once you get a topic, look for things that most people don’t know how to do. For example, a topic is Fortnite. You can make a How […]


Do you have 𝔾𝕀ℝ𝕃𝔽ℝ𝕀𝔼ℕ𝔻? Yes. No. Close. What is thy 𝔾𝕀ℝ𝕃𝔽ℝ𝕀𝔼ℕ𝔻? Created with BuildQuizzes

How NOT To Get A Girlfriend WP12 In this post I will tell you five easy steps on how NOT to get a girlfriend! The first step is to actually be nice to her. If you are ever nice to a girl, they will not like you at all. So be mean! The second step is to always give her stuff […]

How To Get Free McDonald’s WP11 In this post I will tell you three easy steps on how to get free McDonald’s. The first step is to, at night, secretly sneak into the back of McDonald’s and take a key that is on the wall and a uniform. The next day you should walk “into work”. The second step is […]

How To Get Easy Diamonds In Minecraft WP10 In this post I will tell you 5 ways that you can get easy diamonds in MInecraft! The first step is to get lots of wood. Once you get the wood, you have to make a pickaxe. The second step is to get stone and upgrade your pickaxe so you can mine better things. […]

YellowJordini’s Bucket List

Hello there, did you know I have a bucket list? Good because I didn’t know too. I’m just going to make it right now. The first thing I want to do is to get 500 wins in Fortnite Battle Royale. You might be thinking, wow, you have no life, and that is exactly true. All […]


Eddie’s Blog has posts about his life and things he likes. The post that I commented on is called How To Comment and it’s about how you should comment on blogs. This is a really great blog and you should definitely visit it! Olivia’s Blog is about assignments and also about what she likes which is baking […]

How To Be Nice WP9 In this post I will tell you five easy steps on how to be nice to other people. The first step is to compliment a person everyday so they think you are nice. The second step is to buy them V-Bucks every month so they can get some really good skins. Third step is […]

Global Issues (Women’s Rights) SBC 4 Women’s Right is a global issue everywhere. In some places, this issue is getting better. In other places, nothing is happening to fix this. Gender equality furthers the cause of child survival and development for all of society, so the importance of women’s rights and gender equality should not be underestimated.  Women’s rights […]